Our Team

The Executive Staff

Steve Sellars, CEO:  Steve has been an entrepreneur, engineer and investor since the beginning of his professional career. Starting as an Air Conditioning Technician in the mid-80’s, he was introduced to this new technology called “software”. This moment is where he redefined his future and immediately transitioned towards engineering and software development. He traveled the globe designing telecommunications networks for Governments and phone companies which connected the world. Steve then partnered and founded multiple successful businesses, including Digital Seas which was the first of its kind live internet cafes for cruise ships on the worlds dominant cruise lines. Steve later partnered to found SeaBeyond which redefined through technology a long-established casino gaming experience on the world’s largest cruise lines. With a paradigm shift, looking for a experience, he opened a financial Agency providing services to families and business owners. He is also founder of MettleLore donating software to non-profit organizations, which also consults high-growth companies and entrepreneurs to maximize the adoption and tactical reach of innovative products and services. Steve’s same level of enthusiasm for business is brought forward with his roles in non-profit organizations (e.g., American Red Cross, Dominican Foundation for Kids Immunizations, YMCA, Waving Hands and others), the teaching he has performed, holding leadership positions in his community, working with local college programs and mentoring young professionals. Raised between New Jersey and Florida, Steve is quoted as saying “You are what you do, not what you say you will do”.

Jim Pearce, COO: An educator from Ohio, raised by his grandparents most of his young life, Jim had seen the struggle for people to meet their healthcare needs on a daily basis.  Early on Jim developed an intrinsic motivation to help others and went on to create a successful healthcare company with operations in over half of the US.  One thing that Jim clearly understands is, "We All Need Better Access to Healthcare".  Along with the other founders of Health Alliance Network, we have stepped up to meet the healthcare challenges we are faced with today.  One of Jim's favorite quotes is “You can be a product of your past or a solution to your future”.

Steve Utley, CFO:  Since the early 80’s Steve has been a mentor, entrepreneur and investor, founding a number of successful business ventures both nationally and internationally.  Serving as President of American Savings Bank, founder of SKU, the accessory division to Guess, Matthew Alexander, Bankers Marketing and also founded a number of successful Healthcare companies.  Raised on a farm in rural Kentucky, Steve is often quoted as saying, “we may not know exactly what we want, but we quickly figure out what we don’t want”.  Steve has a strong background in marketing, finance and uses his leadership skills to breed success.  He has been featured on FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS and numerous publications.   He also served two consecutive terms as President of Habitat for Humanity, a senior director of Rotary International and elected President of Fraternal Order of Police.  Currently working on the second edition of his book, “We were all created equal, Now it’s up to you”, quoted as saying "Ask any successful entrepreneur what their secret to success is and there is only one answer, recognizing opportunity and acting upon it”.