30,000 Exclusive Discounts for Health Alliance Network Agents

Your Agent Perks are Here!

Welcome to our Agent Pricing Program

Prices you won't find anywhere else on the market, exclusively for you!

These selected merchants have crafted programs for Health Alliance Network LLC agents. The Agent Pricing Program grants you access to special, non-public pricing plus additional benefits. Due to the nature and exclusivity of the offers, there are strict restrictions - please take note. All offers are only available to current Active Agents of Health Alliance Network LLC.

  • Sheraton Las Vegas - $84 a night

  • Movie Tickets - 50% off

  • Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and more


Keep checking back.  The offers change day to day, so if you see something you like, Grab It!

To take advantage of these discounts you will need access to your Health Alliance Network email.  Something like "Me@HealthAllianceNetwork.com"

If you have not set up your Health Alliance Network email, just respond to this email and someone from our support team will walk you through it.